Fighting Casper

by Fighting Casper

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released April 15, 2017

Music Written by Scotty Fisher

Guitars/Bass/FX Tracked by Scotty Fisher
Drums Programmed by Scotty Fisher

Vocals Tracked by Chris Finster
Mixed and Mastered by Chris Finster

Album/Track Artwork by Scotty Fisher



all rights reserved


Fighting Casper Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Eyelids
"Stuck on autopilot - I must be dreaming with eyelids wide open, paralyzed and broken.
All I see is the devil on my shoulder - he chills me to the bone and sneaks his way in through my skull to make me feel all alone.

Here I am like the prodigal son of man - I'm throwing fists left and right. I'm illogical.
I can't coexist with being lost, so I'll crush you with the flick of a wrist. I'll crash down and reign fire.
If sleep is giving, I'm giving up. Letting go. He speaks his dialect - I can't connect. It's killing us. At least it's scaring me to death.

These fade apparitions. The ones that have been keeping you from yourself.
They are the separation between your thoughts and your stare.
It feels like someone else is looking at me through your eyes.
Stillness, my love. Oh darling, am I dreaming? I feel the night is holding you from me.
Let me tear you from fear's snares and hold you again. I'll reach in and steal you from these dreams if I have to. I'll reach in."
Track Name: Vows
"Everything about this is saving you and shaping you to be a better man.
You've got this far, and now I've got to let you go, but I don't know if I can.
Oh, No! That look in his eyes again. Wet palms from the sins he's about to commit.
Commitment can't be his kiss of death. Eyes closed. He's letting in all of his demons.

The thought of being anyone else - it puts me at ease, so I'm becoming someone else to leave it all behind.
Barren valleys occupy my guts. I can't quite seem to sew them shut.
They're dry and empty. I'm dry-heaving nothing. Oh, I can't seem to throw up all these butterflies biting away at my bellyside.
They once flew just like innocent doves, but now they're parasites that bite me from the inside out.

Oh, No! It's like swallowing acid rain. One dose won't suffocate my passage ways, so I'll drink my liver dry and kill everything that haunts me inside.

We were just kids, and no one knew that it'd ever come to this. I thought you were consumed by childhood blues. Now it's come to this.
I wish I could have done something to soothe your wounds. Instead you let the demons get the best of you.
Come with me, and I'll show you a way out. We'll run away from all the animals biting away my insides - eating me alive."
Track Name: Waves
"My tempo slows down to a rhythm that flutters with an irregular beat.
Taken by surprise my pulse even exists at all.

Tainted from my head to toe with the blood that's on my skin.
No time for mourning. No time to stop and think 'cause morning's coming.

There's only so far to run before I hardly feel human.
There's only so far to run before I hardly feel anything at all.
There's only so far to run.

What would you do if I played God and froze time?
What would you do if I killed the part of me I hate?
What would you do if I played God and froze time?
What would you do if I killed the part of me I hate so deeply - the anatomy of my energy.

You were the gravity that kept me grounded.
You were the levity that kept me from falling off of the tallest of mountains into murky waters with no expectation to sink or swim.

Descending from a paradise I tore asunder -
Will I fly? Will I fall?
Will currents drag me under?
Will I fly? Will I fall? Will I fly? or...
Will I fly? Will I fall? Will I fly?
Or the waves will carry me away.
Waves will carry me away... Away.
The Waves will carry me away."
Track Name: Oceans
"I'm sinking further to the lithosphere like an anchor underwater.
The ropes' cut loose. It drags me down.

Though I'm engulfed in shadows and impaired,
I'll still breath you life into your empty lungs even when the consequence is my oxygen I've been saving up.
So, here's my one last breath.

If I could erase time, the clocks would stand.
I'd make a deal with the devil himself,
and I'd retract moments when I tore this whole place apart.

Though I'm engulfed in shadows and can't breath,
I remind myself I'm two thirds water, then I'll flow along with the riptide.
I won't let currents drag me under.

I'd make a deal with the devil himself,
and I'd scale the ocean floors to prove to you I'm alive.
I'll prove to you I'm alive.

I'm sinking further to the lithosphere.
Like an anchor underwater - the only weight that drags me down is myself."